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MyNeighbourhood is a place for neighbours to gather, get to know each other and enjoy the space they share.

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Løvvang/ Lindholm Aalborg, Denmark

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4 communities26 neighbours

Borgo Padova Castelfranco Veneto, Italy

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2 communities14 neighbours

Havkærparken - Tilst Aarhus, Denmark

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1 community20 neighbours

Hodge Hill /Ward End Birmingham, United Kingdom

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1 community30 neighbours

Ladywood & Handsworth Birmingham, United Kingdom

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24 communities272 neighbours

Nuovo Villaggio Montecchio Calcinaia, Pisa, Italy

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8 communities22 neighbours

Pähkinälehto Hassellunden Sipoo, Finland

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1 community14 neighbours

Randers Nordby Kvarter Randers, Denmark

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11 communities38 neighbours

Sant'Ambrogio - Le Murate Firenze, Italy

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4 communities44 neighbours

Small Heath & Sparkbrook Birmingham, United Kingdom

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3 communities52 neighbours

Stirchley Village Birmingham, United Kingdom

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1 community16 neighbours

Svenstrup Skole - test Svenstrup J, Denmark

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3 communities9 neighbours

Urbanização Quinta Cruz de Pau Alhandra, Portugal

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1 community30 neighbours

If you live in a city you are somebody’s neighbour

You can have a voice in your community

With the MyNeighbourhood platform, not only will people have a direct line to others who live around them, they’ll also be able to engage with several local businesses, associations and even governing bodies. MyNeighbourhood helps people get stuff done and improve their lives!


There's so much going on here

  • Join and create Communities
  • Discover places around you
  • Go to events and create your own
  • Exchange goods and services
  • Launch challenges to improve your neighbourhood
  • Local news and share your thoughts
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Local Institutions, ranging from local sections of Public Services to neighbourhood Associations will benefit hugely from having an online presence that is associated with the neighbourhood, with several features allowing members to interact, and outsiders to learn about them, their interests and activities.

Local business

Businesses have a lot to gain from having a direct channel to the community, where they can let people know about what they are doing. From restaurant menus and specials, to selling second hand goods, everything becomes easier when there is a quick way to communicate with neighbours, and people who are around.

Decision makers

Community leaders and decision makers in general also benefit from the MyN Platform. What are neighbours concerned about? What do they think the neighbourhood needs? The MyN Intelligence console gives all sorts of information to understand what’s going on in the minds of the people who live in a neighbourhood.